Thursday, October 30, 2008

~~~ Happy Halloween ~~~

From Ghoulies and Ghosties, and
Long Legged Beasties, and
Things that go Bump in the Night;
..........The Good Lord Deliver Us.
++++ HaPpY HaLLoWeeN ++++
+++++++ OcToBeR 31st +++++++

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Old Log Cabin ~~

The Old Log Cabin ~~~ the Swallows Nook.
With Thoughtful care Bestowed;
The Rustic Bridge, The Babbling Brook,
The Pen-Stock by the Road;
The Maple Trees where every Morn.
The Birds sang o'er and o'er;
The Golden ears of Ripened Corn,
That hung beside the Door.
May Peace and Love Reside
Wherever You Call Home ~~

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Walk in the Woods ~~

Took an early morning walk today looking for
bittersweet and rose-hips. Love to forage
in the woods......never know what you will
come home with. Learned my lesson years
ago and now dress properly for the outing.
Head to Toe I'm cover up, and I always wear a
good pair of gloves. I'm delighted with today's
finds, I also spotted a couple of small pine
trees that could possibly be used in the Cabin
this Christmas Season, hope I can find my way
back to them. Came inside poured a nice cup of
tea then proceeded to fill a basket, and hanging
pouch with the hips ..... filled a huge box with the
unopened bittersweet and set it on top of my
tv cabinet ....... a little messy but it looks good.
Now off to vacuum up the remnants.
Wishing Everyone a Wonderful, Warm, and Cozy
Week-End !! xox

Thursday, October 23, 2008

PA Pumpkins ~~

An assortment of PumpKins sitting on my front porch. They were all purchased in Pennsylvania during my last visit ~~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Come Sit and Have Some Tea ~~

Afternoon ~~ Went to Salinger's Orchard
which is just over the state line, into NY and
brought home a bushel of apples.
Decided this would be a good day for baking.
Its chilly and windy out but ever so cozy
here in the cabin. I have my candles lit and some
very sweet music on.
My Apple Pie recipe is quite old and the recipe card
is a little dog eared but it makes a delicious
my family really loves !! (French Apple)
The Orchard was overflowing with Pumpkins, Mums,
and Gourds such a pretty sight to see.
They also have fresh baked cinnamon donuts, which I
couldnt resist, enjoyed it with a cup of Tea. YUM !!!
The Bounty and Blessings of Fall ~~
Hope You are Warm, Cozy, and can EnJoy
Some Simple Pleasure Today ~~ xox

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Wash Day

Good Morning ~~
Got home last night from our Vermont Fall Foliage Trip,
the house was cold.....but it didn't take long for the wood stove to warm us up. The weather up North was chilly just the way we remember it being. The colors were brilliant and the landscape beautiful. Still so much farm land and open space...breathtaking to behold. No stores to speak of, at least not the kind I like to peek around in...antiques stores. It was our last time out in the camper for this year, its now time to winterize and store it away till next Spring. : - (Today being Monday its "Wash Day" here at the Cabin, and I have lots and lots of laundry to wash, dry, fold, and put away.....its a humble job made easy by all our modern conveniences one I enjoy doing and when its done I always feel I've accomplished something.Hope where ever you are, and what ever you are doing, you are .... Warm .... Cozy,... and Content on this Beautiful Monday !!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off To Vermont ~~

Off to VT for a four day....... Peek at the Leaves Trip.
The camper is all packed up.....I have my camera
hoping for some great shots of the beautiful foliage.
Have my cell phone in case my lovely granddaughters
have a need to talk to their Nan. Have my latest
Beverly Lewis book (thanks barb) so I guess I'm all
set. Oh yes I did pack a few thing my hubby might like....
food, snacks, dvd's, clothes...whatnot's. lol
Have a Wonderful Autumn Week-End !!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well I'm pleased as can be.....spent some
quality time this afternoon with my friend,
and my blog looks soooo much better.
Thank You Miss Judy..... (Cinnamon Stick)
there are so many things you are good at.....
and your a sweetie to share your knowledge.
I may just get the hang of this yet.
Its a little early.....but in a while I'm going to
celebrate with a glass of wine !!!! : - )

Early Morning Dreaming

Just inside from my morning chores.....
took a little time today to tidy up my
shed.....did more dreaming than cleaning.
Love the cozy little building.....and sometimes
picture me turning it in to a week-end shop.
I dare say I think more and more of this......
would give me more of a reason to collect,
and a place to sell off my extras.
Well maybe some day ~~
Hope everyone is well and happy in their
little corner of the world.