Monday, October 24, 2011

Signs of the Season

The Signs of the Season are all around us.
The trees still have some color, the grass is
still green ...  littered with dry leaves,
the bittersweet is every where you look,
and smoke rises from both our chimneys.
Can't say it enough ~~~~ I Love the Fall !!


We take time from our chores for some Neat TreaTs
Hot Chocolate & Cider Donuts.
Donuts are just outside of the camera view
but believe me they were Yummmy !!

 This years Wood Supply
Thank You PoP, you work so hard
to keep us warm.
In my opinion nothing is warmer than
the heat generated from a wood fire. 
Plus the wonderful ambiance a
crackling fire brings to the Cabin.
I am Blessed !!

 The Remaining Leaves

Fresh Cut Rose-Hips
What I can't show you are the
scrapes & scars from the thorns. lol
I know it will be well worth it when my baskets
are full for the Christmas Season.
 My Grands at the Halloween Party !!
Gypsy & a Disney Character
(I forget which one... sorry Dolly)
Grand on the Right
Lagoona Blue
from Monster High
related to a character from the
Little Mermaid
just saying ..... keeping real

Today the 24th  is also a 
Special Day in my Family.
It is our oldest son
 Heath's  Birthday,
My Bestest Cousin Josie's
very "Special" Birthday.
(me & all my best girlfriends turned 60 this year)
Yikes ..... it's even tough to type lol
We celebrated last night because of
the girls school & dance schedule.
But I wanted to say it one more time
Happy Birthday Heath
Happy Birthday Jo 
God Bless You Both
We Love you !! 


**** Trick or TreaT ****
All My Friends !!
Hope all is well in your little corner
of the world.
Sending Blessings & Warm Hugs
from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Favorite Time of the Year

Happy Fall .... Happy First Day of October !!
It's gloomy & chilly here in the woods ...... cleaning
out the wood stove and carrying some wood up to
the back deck, is on the agenda this day. 

We know soon we will be lighting a fire
early mornings & late evenings to
keep away the chill. 
DH has been splitting wood for weeks ....
thinks we should be all set for winter.

The cabin has had fall decorations out since my last
trip to PA.   We came back with a truck load ... unfortunately
I have had to rid so many .... must be due to all the
rain we have had. 
Some of the Best  didn't last three days past
my setting them around outside. :-(
We have had our share of company these last few
weeks .... a Surprise visit from
my brother, my nephew &
my great nephew who live in
Long Island & upstate NY
so much  Fun to sit,  catch up and laugh
around the kitchen table with Family. 
Good for the Soul !! I am Blessed !!
Next was a visit from Janet & Don
of winterwillowprimitives in VA
Janet and I have been Blog friends for
the past four years and it was so
nice to finally meet in person.
She is so sweet and we enjoyed the visit greatly.
She gifted me with one of her sweet pinkeeps I love it to
pieces ...... she also brought goodies for me that she sells
on her website, one was a small redware plate that
I just can't seem to capture in a photo.
All of it was Wonderful ...  the Gifts made
from Heart & Hand are Treasured.
Thank You so much Janet !!!

This week my Dear friend Anita
(aunt daisy's in EmmausPA)
came to spend a few days at the cabin .... just pure
"Girl Time" and boy how we both needed it. 
The weather was gloomy outside but the
laughs & chatter brightened the inside.
Its amazing how much talking two Friends
can do and really not say much, at least
that's what we told Paul. 
We only paused to eat & drink when
necessary lol
Amy my Dear you were missed ..... (((hugs)))
Anita also came bearing gifts ..... I'm getting totally spoiled,
and how my friends know me ..... I received the new Judy
Condon Book "Holidays at a Country Home" which
can be purchase at her store. I haven't put it down yet. 

She  also made me a Sweet bag of Dried Lemons
she knows  my love of "naturals" and boy do
they fit the bill ... look great & smell wonderful.
a trip through aunt daisy's will net
you things you wont see anywhere else. !!!
I promise you will love it.
Thank You so much Anita !!!

Its the special time of year ...
time for candles, fires,
good hearty meals, apple crisp,
pumpkin bread & pumpkin fudge.
Colored leaves, brisk walks, lap blankets 
cozy socks, and extra hugs.
 I couldn't be happier .... I Love the Fall !!!
I hope all is well with you & yours 
I thank you for stopping by when time allows. 
I know I enjoy my time visiting with you.

Sending Good Thoughts,
Blessing & Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox