Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Need To Sweep ~

I have a need to sweep.....the porch, the walk way,
the shed, the deck...just step outside, feel some
sun on my face and sweep away winter.
The Sun is Shining Beautifully today, we are down
to two standing rows of split wood left on the deck,
I think Spring cant be too far away.
The forecast for tomorrow is a mixture of snow & sleet.
If they are correct, and we get the bad weather the one ray
of hope this time of year the sun is warm, so
what ever falls wont stay around too long.

Hope wherever you are today, and whatever
you are doing you find a hint of Spring ~~
Sending Warm Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good Saturday Afternoon ~~

Good Saturday Afternoon ~~
Finally had some time to come on-line and play. Real Life sometimes prevents us from doing what we so enjoy. lol Or is it that we enjoy so much we just cant seem to fit it all in. Friends and Family have coxed me into joining FaceBook..a very neat site....but one that also takes time to set up, and get familiar with. Once you get that done, and you start communicating with your friends and family...they tag you to join other things. There are groups you can click up with....that pertain to your area, your name, or your specific interest, all fun but very time consuming. I'm sure the kids can breeze around in no time and get setup...but for me everything takes a little longer. All this reaching out and keeping in touch, on the computer has my hubby starting to feeling a little neglected. I think I'll go in an plan a nice supper for us, make it a special meal with candle light, nice soft music and some face to face conversion. :-)
Wishing You a Wonderful Week-End ~~
Sending Warm Hugs from the Cabin ~ Connie xox

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day ~~

Has been a busy week...all good thankfully...just havent had much time on the computer. Just got done making my Sweetie his favorite Chocolate Cake. We were invited to spend Saturday night at my my son, and daughter in-law's. Our two granddaughters sent us an e-invitation, asking us to join them for dinner, dessert and wii bowling. Cant think of a better way to spend Valentines Night. Hope where ever you are, and what ever you do, You are surrounded by those you Love ~~
Happy Valentines Day !!
Sending Warm Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hide & Seek ~~

Had a neighbor in for tea this week...we were discussing
the long winter....the fact that my hubby plows, and sands
the main hill out of the goodness of his heart....and the high
cost of everything this year. During the visit she needed a
few things, a tissue ~ the phone ~ and a visit to the power room.
Which leads me to this post. ~~~

We all love and need our modern conveniences
the toaster, the coffee maker, the mixer, the blender
the crock pot, etc ... but most of us primitive lovers don't want to see them. I tuck all these small appliances in cupboards, and cabinets to store them away, and out
of sight till its time to retrieve them, and put them to use. Some we use everyday others not so much. ~~

There are other items that we all have, and need such as
heat thermostats on the wall, the many telephones we all
have, the answering machine, the alarm clock,
alarm sensors, and key pads, door bell chimes,
electrical outlets, the list goes on, and on. ~~
All of these items are necessities, things that I wouldn't
want to do without, I just don't want to look at them day
in and day out. Here at the cabin...they don't look right
or fit in with the time period I am trying to emulate.
I know I cant make the cabin totally c1700 but I do what I can.
After all these years my family, and close friends are clued in and have no problem removing a box, a bowl, a picture....looking in a firkin,
a bucket, a barrel, a basket, or a tin can to find whatever they need.
My occasional guests on the other hand have stood in total confusion and somewhat disbelief looking for an item most have out in the open and readily available. This has made for some funny moments....and
some colorful comments. My neighbor did have all her needs met, and we shared a good laugh. The pictures below are a sampling of the way I hide and seek. ~~

An un-sightly outlet
Now you see it
Now You Don't ~~


Blah Toilet Tissue

Under the Box

Tissue Box & Telephone

Tucked Away in a Primitive
Blue Box


Why do they all come in white ?
Now You See It
Now You Don't

Alarm Sensor

Hidden by the Bowl
So much better

The Land Line & Red Panic Box

Both so out of Sync with the Decor

Now covered but right at hand

I know I'm not alone in trying to erase the traces of the
21 century .
Wont you share how you play ~~Hide & Seek.
Wishing you a fun filled, period correct day ~~
Sending Good Thoughts & Warm Hugs
from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ten Things I Love ~~

Well I'm joining in on the game ~~
Linda from Behind My Red Door ~~did a great job,

she listed and showed us pictures of
things she loves that started with the Letter H.
I posted I'd like to Play so yesterday .......

she assigned me the Letter L ~~ Thanks ~~ Linda.
Ten things I love that start with the Letter L ~~

~~Lilacs ~~
My Favorite Flower

~~ Lakes ~~
This is Bantam Lake in Connecticut
~~Lemon Meringue Pie ~~

~~Leaves ~~
Be They Green of Summer
or The Colors of Fall

Cross Stitch Wrought on Linen

~~Stack of Linens ~~

~~ Lincoln ~~
"It has been my experience that
folks who have no vices
have few virtues"
Abraham Lincoln

~~Lanterns ~~

~~ Log Cabins ~~

~~Lamps ~~

~~ Letters ~~
~~ Leather Books ~~
Oops I listed eleven I could have really
gone on and lavender, lace, ladies
pockets, lolly pops, laundry, laughter. etc ~
That was fun maybe you might want a letter,
so you can list the ten things you love.
I hope this lovely Monday finds
you happy, healthy, and cozy.
Sending Warm Hugs from the Cabin
Connie ~~ xox