Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Log Cabin Primitives

******~~ Friendship Tulips ~~ ******
Its a Beautiful day in the country, not too hot and not too cold,
just a perfect Spring day. I had a wonderful time in PA visiting
my friends and all the neat shops I love. I came home with a
suitcase full of tips, information, and inspiration.
Please if your in the area stop by ~~ Aunt Daisy's in Emmaus, and
The Cinnamon Stick in Hereford, you will love what you see.
The shopping at Market in Gettysburg went well, as others have stated
it was a small show but I came home with my share of goodies.
PA for me has always been a wonderful source for small primitive
antiques, and that is what I was in the market for.

I believe one of my first posts in Blog Land was about my shed here at the
cabin and my desire to maybe one day open a small shop on select days.
Well the time is now.....I hung up my sign ~~ opened the door and
welcomed in a few relatives and neighbors, it was a fun few days.
I'm now in the processes of looking for signage to put down on
the main road so passersby will know where I am and when I'm open.

I also need to get the word out to all my Friends and the rest of my
Family so then can know I'm open for business.
I have some standing commitments that will not allow me to open right

now as often as I would like, but I can be reached for my hours by email.
Its a very small shop and what you will find is stated below.
I sell old ~ kinda old ~ made to look old.
primitive ~ grubby ~ grungy ~ items.

Its what I know ~ Its what I love ~ Its what I sell.
Wish me Luck !!
Hope you are all having a pleasant day, doing what you love.
Sending Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Time Treat ~~

Evening Everyone ~~ What a Beautiful week-end we had here at the cabin, the weather was warm the sun was bright and everything is turning a beautiful shade of green. A real spring time treat …. we spent most of our time outside. We had the pleasure of our two granddaughters this weekend while their parents took some well deserved grown up time for them selves. Lots of fun was had but Pop and I are a little on the tired side, lol a sure, and great reminder that we are not as young as we sometimes think we are. Tomorrow I will be packing my bags for a trip to PA, I will be visiting friends, and attending the trade show in Gettysburg. Hope everyone has a great week I will check back in when I return. Sending Spring Hugs ~~ Connie xox

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter ~~

Good Morning its been awhile since I last posted, hope
all is well with everyone. Things have been busy here
at the cabin .... have had friends and relatives visit in
the last couple of weeks, hubby and I have spent extra time
outside doing spring clean up and I came down with the dreaded
stomach bug. Well I'm right as rain now.....but its Thursday before
Easter and I'm behind in my preparations

I did color my eggs yesterday with an elderly neighbor I sit with
twice a week, I made up a batch of what we call bunny
snacks, and have just finished writing clues for my granddaughters
egg hunt. I will have the girls here tomorrow for Good Friday,
and then the whole family for dinner on Easter Sunday.
I still have to plan the menu, shop for the groceries, tidy up the house,
bake the bunny cake, and the rest of the desserts. I also need to pick
up some goodies for their baskets and gift bags.

~~ Bunny Snacks ~~

Pretzels, Melted White Chocolate & Pastel M&M's

So the question you might ask is .......why am I sitting at the computer, lol

Well the list is a little overwhelming, and I guess I'm procrastinating
for another little bit. But mostly its because I love visiting
all my friends on line and I wanted to wish you all
A Blessed Happy Easter !!
Sending Big Bunny Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox