Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Morning Friends ~~

No longer forward nor behind
I look in hope and fear;
But grateful take the good I find,
The best of now and here.
~~ John G. Whittier
Morning Friends ~~
Spent yesterday,working hard putting away
Christmas and setting the Cabin back to Simple Country.
I'm a little late and a little behind schedule...but I've been sick.
Got the dreaded cold ~~flu so I've been down and out since
New Years Day. You know the saying five days
coming, five days here, and five days going. I think
I'm on the last of five days going, Finger Crossed.

Been getting lots of rest, soup, plenty of juice, tea, and cold tablets.
DH has been a sweetie keeping me company, taking
care of keeping me hydrated, feed, in tissues & getting me

my med's on time. I'm just about feeling like I belong
back among the living, I still look awful...my nose is all
sore and red, my hair is a little dull,
and I'm a little weak...... but other than that all is good.

While I lazed around, with not much energy
I have been planning a
redo of our dreaded office in my head.

DH said he's up for a project so I best come
up with something fast. :-)

Years ago in one of the country magazines, not positive
which one but I think Country Decorating,
Country Accents, or Country Collectibles there was an article

and a picture of a cupboard some gentlemen made for his office,
it sorta looked like an apothecary with a fake drawer front...it
was very neat, and old looking and kept all office
necessities out of sight.
I've had this picture in my mind for years,
but cant find the magazine.
I've asked all my friends & family ... some remember it,

but don't have the issue.
Anyone out in Blog land remember this article ??
I think it may have been about eight or ten years ago.
Normally I can come with a drawing of something I

want built or can plan a room with no problem,
this time I'm stuck, so if you can .... Please........HELP !!!

Cleaning out a drawer I just found this, its
a cartoon given to us years ago
by our dear friend Ray
it reads ~~~
"They're a Perfect Match.....she's
High Maintenance, and he can
Fix Anything. "
LOL ~~ As the kids say......True That !!!
Hope you are all well, keeping warm & happy.
Sending Air Hugs (just to be on the safe side) ~~ Connie xox