Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas ~~

Dear Friends ... I hope this Post
finds you and yours well, happy, and healthy.
I have much yet to do ... to prepare for
Christmas Day .... somehow I thought
Christmas was Thursday.
I just realized today that it's Tuesday. 
Oh My !!!!!
My mind and heart have been elsewhere
since last Friday ..... like many of you.
My Wish for You
God Bless Your Heart ~~ This Christmas Day;
God Bless Your Home ~~ With Joys That Stay;
God Bless Your Friends ~~ And Loved Ones Dear;
God Bless and Keep You All New Year
Wishing All of You, My Dear Friends
A Blessed Merry Christmas
Filled with Peace, Love & Joy

Keep Warm & Safe.
Many Blessings in the New Year.
God Bless Us Everyone.

Blessings & Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas ...........

Friday, December 14, 2012

Please say a Prayer

My Heart and Prayers go out to All who
were Touched by this Tragedy Today.
The Little Town of Newtown, CT
which is just a hop, skip
and a jump from us,
Is suffering Unimaginable Sorrow.
The Little Innocent Children and
their Beloved Teachers that were lost.
 The Families,The Teachers, and First Responders,
that are dealing with the loss.
May God Grant them Strength, and Comfort.
Please say a Prayer.
Hug Your Loved Ones Close  
Blessings & Hugs from the Cabin
~~ Connie xox

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Be Safe ~~

Good Morning All
We are back Home at the Cabin
way Earlier than planned
due to  Hurricane or Tropical Storm
What ever they are calling it.
It keeps changing.

We were in PA for our last RV trip
of the Season ... we had a full and
most anticipated list of things we
planned on doing.
Then we got word from our son Heath
who works for the city that
"Sandy" may have an impact in our area
 so Home we headed.
 A full three days earlier than we expected.

 Much to do to prepare.
Bring the wood up on back deck .... check
Service the generator ..... check
Pick up plow truck  with new plow assembly ..... check
Pack up remaining out door furniture ..... check
Lay in supplies ..... later today
Bake & Make Up Halloween Goodie Bags .... tomorrow
Finger crossed the kids get to
 ~~ TricK or TreaT ~~
 this year.
 I'm hoping this is much to do about Nothing ..
but as always we will prepared
as best we can. 
Prepare for the Worse ... Hope & Pray for the Best
 Last year when the early
snow storm hit we had our
(two son's .... daughter in law, &  grand girls)
here for a few days.
Some in the area lost power for nine days.
Here at the Cabin the  generator,
fireplace and woods stoves
 were working at full capacity.
It was cozy and oh so nice to
 have everyone safe and under one roof.

EnJoy the last of the
Colored Leaves for after the storm
they will be Gone.
Where ever you are
May You and Yours Keep Safe
Sending Blessings, & Hugs
from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good Afternoon ~~

Good Afternoon Friends .... Come on in I've brewed a
a Pot of Tea and baked a PumPkin Bread
we can sit and visit for awhile.
The weather today is Perfect .... Sunny and
Cool, the Trees are showing such Pretty Color
 just a Beautiful Blessed Fall Day.
A good day for a walk in the woods ... this year the
Tansy was non existent  due to a lot of factors.
Bittersweet on the other hand
 is every where I look, I always
pick early so I have plenty to spare. 
I'm hoping to score a nice crop of rose-hips,
mine are in need or refreshing. 
Not sure if I will take the cart out for a ride
 or just carry a Basket to bring home my finds.
I'm also in desperate
need of pine cones, and acorns.
 The Cabin is filled with PumPkins .... real and cloth,
the bittersweet sits on cupboards, mantels and in carriers.
We've had a few fires to take the chill off in the
evenings and early mornings, it's so cozy
  I couldn't be happier.
My Dearest Cousin Josie is coming for visit this
week-end she'll travel up from NY by train.
We'll sit around reminiscing, eating, drinking,
and laughing as we have done since
we were small kids. Use to be
milk and soda now it's tea and wine. lol
Saturday I'll take her down some Country roads
to leaf peek, do a little shopping 
then out to a Country Inn
 for a Harvest Dinner
Fingers Crossed for Some Fall SunShine.
I hope all is well in your little corner.
I do breeze around and check
on all of you from time to time.
EnJoy this Beautiful Season .... because
like all the Seasons it is fleeting.
Sending Blessings & Warm Hugs
from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Small Spaces .... Make Great Places

Hello Friends ~~ The sun is shining and all
is well here at the cabin. Put together a Lasagna
for dinner and baked some muffins early this morning.
Going to spend the rest of the day working in the shop.
Mmmm .... the Cabin smells Good !!!
Yesterday morning was rainy,
so I worked inside ......
Made a Large Pot of Sauce, Cleaned and Putzed.
Love to play around the Cabin ..... sometimes
changing one thing can make me stop, appreciate and
love a room all over again.

4 X 13  Powder Room
I removed a small barrel
in my powder room and placed a chair in the
corner .... no big deal but I like the way it looks.
It's the small things in life right ??
The sun came out in the afternoon,
and the day turned Beautiful.
Tomorrow I'm out for a road trip antiquing, and
catching up with my Dear Friend Kathy ...... it's been
awhile so I am are looking forward to it.
Hope to come back with some neat finds.
Love Girl Time !!
Hope what ever you are doing
  ... it's with a Happy Heart ~~
Blessings & Big Hugs from the Cabin ~~ xox
Use it Up .... Wear it Out ..... Make it Do ...
or Do With Out !!!
How Great is this saying ???
I Love it !!!
I read this the other day on one of
the Blogs ..... Sorry I don't
remember who's said it, would love
to give credit where credit is due. 
(hugs to the author )

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Yeah ... It's a Sunny Happy Day here
at the Cabin ... Thank You God the rain has
finally stopped.  It was making
me a little crazy .... too many days in a row.
It's been chilly early mornings
and late evenings, so the wood stove has still
been in use .... I am tried of working it. :-)
I'd like to clean it up, blacken it,
and decorate my hearth for the season.
It has  felt more like Fall was coming
instead of Spring & Summer.
My Lilacs are right outside my
bedroom window, and I never got
to smell them once through the open window
just too darn chilly.
I will try to remember how I feel now
and not  Crab when the heat shows up. lol

All is well here and I hope it's the same by you. 
I don't post much anymore,
took me a week and a half
to find my Reading List once
Blog Spot decided we all needed
a change. Ahhhh
Not nice to fool with the crazy old lady !!! 
I do Breeze around and read,
it has surprised me how my List has
Grown and Changed. 
At first it was  all Prim Blogs  which I still
Love ..... but now I read
so many on Cooking, Fashion, Hair & Beauty.
You are all so Sweet and Talented,
I learn new things, laugh out loud,
get inspired and sometimes shed a tear.
I don't always leave  a comment
but please know its a nice part of my day.

Wishing all the Beautiful Women I know,
My Sister, Daughter In Law, Nieces, Cousins,
all my BFF's along with all my
on-line Blogger Friends,
a Happy Mother's Day !!
You are all such Treasures, Wonderful Beautiful
Ladies, who do so much for your families and
make life better for everyone you know.
~~ May God Bless You All ~~
Sending You
Love & Hugs from the Cabin ~~Connie  xox

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dick Clark

Rest in Peace Dick Clark ...
 America's Oldest Living Teenager.
So many Memories of my early days after
school watching bandstand with my older
Sister and Brother. 
I have a lifelong love of music and dance 
which may have come through my family genes
but was nurtured by Dick Clark.
 For that and all the years of Entertainment
I say Thank You.
May the Party continue in Heaven.
Prayers & Sympathy to his Family

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rachael Ray Show

Hi Ladies .... for those who asked ....
My Day in the City was Fun ....
Rachael Ray's Show was a Blast !!
The show was a Celebration of her1000 th Show .
Guests were Regis & Joy Philbin
and some others
(I don't want to ruin the Surprise)
They had clips of Celebrities who wanted to 
congratulate  Rachael,  and clips
of regular folks .... who had been touched by her in some way.

She is as Sweet, Cute, and Funny as can be.
Talks & Jokes with the audience during all the commercial breaks.
She has a warm up comedian who was good ... but she
really is just as funny or maybe even more so than he is.
Sorry he is new so I can't remember his name.
The staff and all involved in the production, were warm,
friendly, and helpful just really ... really nice people.
Thanks to all the Great Pro Dancers who coached us.
If ya tune in to watch the show ...
we did a Flash Mob in the beginning of the show.
What a Hoot !!!
They had us  practice  before  the taping ....
not sure it did much good, that would be
due to Us not the Instructors.  lol
It turned out to be a very long day at the studio,
we were served a yummy breakfast and lunch.
She gifted the audience with
Wonderful "Stuff", again don't want to be a Spoiler.......
But a BIG Woo Hoo  for the Gifts !!!
I believe it airs  Monday Feb 20th., and  there will
be a way for people at home to Win the Gifts. 
As we left the studio we were told
that people would be outside waiting  in line for 
the next taping .... I guess they tape three a day.
(this day there was only two)
We were instructed not to reveal what
we had receive as gifts or say anything about the show,
as they might be thinking .... they were
going to be the 1000th show. :-(
Trust me ... people were asking all kinds of
questions on the way out ..... I just kept saying it was a
Great Show and walked as fast as I could to get by.
I felt like I was being rude but I did as I was told.  :-)
I had only slept three hours the night before so I was
pooped when I got back home .... Hubby had wine and
a candlelight supper ready for me ... what a Guy !!
I shared some of my Gifts with him.  :-)
Hope you all had a nice Day. 
If you tune in to watch the Show Monday,
Good Luck on Winning the Prizes.
  Blessings & Hugs from the Cabin ~ Connie xox

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Heart Day

Happy Heart Day Friends
Hope all is well in your little corner
Things are well here ....
quiet and peaceful at the Cabin.

All photos are the works of Schneeman Folk Art
Give all To Love;
Obey Thy Heart
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Just finished up the Larkrise to Candleford
Series ... Thank You Jenn, and Linnie for
the recommendation ... we Loved it !!
Probably much too much TV watching but
this is the hibernating time of the year .... Right ??
Any other suggestions ???

Since last we talked our Beloved Giants
went on to Win the Super Bowl .. Woo Hoo !!
Lots of Happy Dancing around the Cabin ...
I hope they spend a nice long time resting up
I know we will ... yikes but they make it Stressful.  LOL
It was also the day for Market  Square in PA
so it was a four hr drive down ... shop ... place orders,
a few quick hugs with vendors & friends
then a four hr drive back home.
 (Thank You Kathy, for the laughs, the lunch, and the driving ~~ Hugs)
Once back home  settled on the sofa, snacks & the game.
A Full Fun Packed Day for sure.
I wonder who plans the Market SquareShow
on Super  Bowl Week-End every year.
I wish they could reconsider and change the date.
Getting too old for the Pace.
I'm heading off to NYC first thing in the morning
a friend "got" tickets to the Rachael Ray show for us.
It will be taped tomorrow an aired on another day. 
I'm excited to be heading in to the city again.
(It's a Blessing  to live in the country
and yet only be an hour from Manhattan.)
I wonder  who will be the guest on the show.
I'm sure when I get home it will be some
low key Valentine dinner here .... fingers
crossed hubby will take care of it (take in maybe).

The sun is shining brightly
(oh my the windows don't look good)
but I'm not in the mood to clean them.
I may bundle up and take a nice walk ....
I'm thinking Spring.
I know Red is the color for Love ...
But my Favorite Colors
are Brown & Blue so no Red here.
Wishing You all a Happy Valentine's Day !!
Share the Smiles, the Hugs and the Love !!
Blessings & Hugs from the Cabin ~ Connie xox

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Saturday

Good Saturday Morning Friends,
Just Stopped by to Swap Howdies !!
Hope all is well in your little corner.
We are finally getting the snow I have been
hoping and praying for. 
I Love the way it looks, so Fresh & Clean.

It is also our source of income at this
time of the year,
so we are Very Happy Campers.
We are only expected to get five inches
and a warming trend tomorrow so I don't think it
will last long ..... we will take it and be Glad.

Not sure where I was or what I was doing in
1994 -1995  ................
Oh yeah I  was a wife, a Mother raising her boys,
keeper of  the Cabin and I was working part-time. lol
Anyway  I was unaware of the Christy series
enjoyed by many on TV. 
I went to the Library last week looking
for a few books to help pass the long January days.
I happened to walk by the movies,
and the cover photo caught my eye ....
the description on the back sold me.

This gentle and heartfelt drama was wholesome and
substantive television for families.
Based on the cherished book by Catherine Marshall detailing her
  mother's time in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains in 1912,
it is the story of a young and exuberant city girl who comes to teach
 in poverty-stricken Cutter Gap and the
manner in which it changed her life forever.

The complete series comes in a
four disk double sided DVD pack. 
It has provided us with hours of great period TV watching.
I never look at the movies at the Library,
(I will now)... so this to me was meant to be.  :-)
This snowy Saturday is a perfect day to
finish up our last disk .... although I really
hate to see it  end. 
If you are like me and missed this series ....  I
highly recommend it. It is also listed on netflix
but they are on individual disks so the library
is your best bet for the whole series. 
If any of you have suggestions for
other great movies or series I'd love to hear them.
Good Luck to my NY Giants tomorrow
we will be around the TV ... biting our
nails and cheering them on once again.
Wishing you all a Safe, Warm & Cozy Week-End 
Sending Blessing & Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox