Thursday, May 17, 2012

Small Spaces .... Make Great Places

Hello Friends ~~ The sun is shining and all
is well here at the cabin. Put together a Lasagna
for dinner and baked some muffins early this morning.
Going to spend the rest of the day working in the shop.
Mmmm .... the Cabin smells Good !!!
Yesterday morning was rainy,
so I worked inside ......
Made a Large Pot of Sauce, Cleaned and Putzed.
Love to play around the Cabin ..... sometimes
changing one thing can make me stop, appreciate and
love a room all over again.

4 X 13  Powder Room
I removed a small barrel
in my powder room and placed a chair in the
corner .... no big deal but I like the way it looks.
It's the small things in life right ??
The sun came out in the afternoon,
and the day turned Beautiful.
Tomorrow I'm out for a road trip antiquing, and
catching up with my Dear Friend Kathy ...... it's been
awhile so I am are looking forward to it.
Hope to come back with some neat finds.
Love Girl Time !!
Hope what ever you are doing
  ... it's with a Happy Heart ~~
Blessings & Big Hugs from the Cabin ~~ xox
Use it Up .... Wear it Out ..... Make it Do ...
or Do With Out !!!
How Great is this saying ???
I Love it !!!
I read this the other day on one of
the Blogs ..... Sorry I don't
remember who's said it, would love
to give credit where credit is due. 
(hugs to the author )

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Yeah ... It's a Sunny Happy Day here
at the Cabin ... Thank You God the rain has
finally stopped.  It was making
me a little crazy .... too many days in a row.
It's been chilly early mornings
and late evenings, so the wood stove has still
been in use .... I am tried of working it. :-)
I'd like to clean it up, blacken it,
and decorate my hearth for the season.
It has  felt more like Fall was coming
instead of Spring & Summer.
My Lilacs are right outside my
bedroom window, and I never got
to smell them once through the open window
just too darn chilly.
I will try to remember how I feel now
and not  Crab when the heat shows up. lol

All is well here and I hope it's the same by you. 
I don't post much anymore,
took me a week and a half
to find my Reading List once
Blog Spot decided we all needed
a change. Ahhhh
Not nice to fool with the crazy old lady !!! 
I do Breeze around and read,
it has surprised me how my List has
Grown and Changed. 
At first it was  all Prim Blogs  which I still
Love ..... but now I read
so many on Cooking, Fashion, Hair & Beauty.
You are all so Sweet and Talented,
I learn new things, laugh out loud,
get inspired and sometimes shed a tear.
I don't always leave  a comment
but please know its a nice part of my day.

Wishing all the Beautiful Women I know,
My Sister, Daughter In Law, Nieces, Cousins,
all my BFF's along with all my
on-line Blogger Friends,
a Happy Mother's Day !!
You are all such Treasures, Wonderful Beautiful
Ladies, who do so much for your families and
make life better for everyone you know.
~~ May God Bless You All ~~
Sending You
Love & Hugs from the Cabin ~~Connie  xox