Friday, September 25, 2009

Beautiful Fall Day

Good Morning All ~~
Hope everyone one is well and content in
their little corner of the world.
We are blessed today in Connecticut with another
Beautiful Fall day.
The air is cool, the grass is green, there is a smattering
of color on some of the trees, and pumpkins
& mums are showing up in most yards I pass.
My most favorite time of the year.
I'm home today so I'll put a pot of stew on the stove, and
an apple pie in the oven. I have a busy week-end coming
up so today will be my only day at home for some chores,
and time in the kitchen.
I spent last Sunday in Woodbury with my friend Cathy
celebrating 350 years of the quaint town, there were
historic houses to visit, a civil war encampment,
crafters dressed in period correct clothing demonstrating,
and selling their wares, delicious food, and
lively music.....a wonderful Fall day out in the country.

Hearth Side Cooking
The women were roasting chickens, bean soup, potatoes
and breads...they explained that all the volunteers
working in the house that day, would sit down later
for supper and enjoy the food, and fellowship

Locally grown Bounty

A Wagon ride around the Town

A Beautifully costumed Lady
who was demonstrating her craft.

Fife & Drum

A table in the Officers Tent

Soldier's Tent


I hope each and every one of your can get outside
and experience this most wonderful time of the year.
Sending Warm Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall Delights ~~

Fall Delights ~~
Woke up this morning there was a chill in the air
Brrrr how neat it was to say...
"Gee I'm a little chilly think I'll put on a Hoodie".
The sun was shining brightly but you could
feel & smell Fall in the air.
Hubby and I headed out to
Salinger's Orchard & Farm Market
just over the line in South Salem, NY.

They had Apples, Cider, Corn Stalks,
Warm Cinnamon Donuts,
Hot Coffee & Mums
Really delights for all the senses.

Almost everything to make a Fall Lovers
Heart skip a Beat.
Only thing missing was a Variety of PumPkins.
Not a ONE to be had.
Funny thing ..... people get a little testy when you ask for
PumPkins this Early in the Season.
I tell them what I have said for the last fifteen years..
"Hey I'm in retail"
we are always a bit ahead of the Season. lol

No one locally says anything to me anymore,
I think I have the reputation as the
"Crazy PumPkin Lady" in the Tri-State area. lol
I'm very fortunate to have brought home a trunk (SUV)
load of Special Pumpkins from my recent trip to PA.
(Thank You Betty)
I'm a Happy Camper, and I can now patiently wait till our
native grown PumPkins are harvested here in CT, and
readily available at every fruit & market stand.

Hope you are having a wonderful, safe & relaxing
Labor Day Week-End !!
Sending Warm Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox