Sunday, July 26, 2009

Haley's Gatherings ~~

Hi All ~~
Just back from our latest camping trip,
this one was not that far from home.
We traveled up RT 22 for about
two hours to the little hamlet of Austerlitz, NY.
Not much up there but peace and quiet...we
stayed at Woodland Hills Campground,
had a nice spot right on the pond, where we relaxed,
ate, drank, and recharged, Hubby's battery. lol
On Friday I convinced my DH to
take a ride around the area,
got real lucky, and stumbled on a great shop
Haley's Gatherings in East Chatham, NY.

I had been there once before a year or so ago...but had no idea
we were camping just a few miles away.
What a sweet shop......filled with Great Antiques,
and Period Reproductions
as soon as you enter you feel the warmth Donna has
in her shop, and you are
greeted by a warm smile and a friendly voice.
Some people are just made to be Shop Keepers, and
Donna is one of those people, she has an eye
for detail, good merchadise, and the personaitly
to make you want to return.

These are a few shots of the store inside
and out..if you get a chance to stop in
and say Hello...please do, you'll be happy you did.

Haley's Gatherings
1133 Route 295
East Chatham, NY



Going now to sit on the porch with my Honey
and plan our August trip.
Every place is Good...but Home is the Best !!
Sending Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NYC ~~

Took the train into Manhattan yesterday to meet my
BFF Josie, who also happens to be my cousin,
for shopping, dinner, and a show.
She had bought us tickets as a Birthday present to me. (((hugs)))
What a started raining like cats, and dogs as
soon as I got out of the car to make my way
to the platform to catch the train into the city.
Its a long walk, dodging rain drops, puddles,
and car splashes. I was sopping wet with squishy feet,
the whole ride into Grand Central. Its only about an hour and
10 min ride in, somehow I pretty much
dried off by the time I arrived. Met my cousin at the
info desk as I have done since we were kids.....we have
traveled that train line ... her up to visit me in CT... for weeks during
the summer, and me down to visit her in
NY for weeks all by our selves since we were eleven.
(What Were our Parents Thinking lol )
Now I know it was a different time back then,
plus we were so determined to spend time with each other
I'm sure we were very persistent !!!
Josie had taken the bus in from Brooklyn to met me.
We went down to the lower level, and had a little snack right at
GC, then breezed through a few great shops...
like the Food & Flower Markets then out to the streets we went.
Our first stop was at Saint Patrick's Cathedral...simply awe inspiring,
I had been by many times, but never inside..we did the tour,
said a few prayers
and out we went. Stopped in The American Girl store for a look
around and to check out the newest historical doll recently released,
Rebecca Rubin.
(my 8 yr old granddaughter Taylor just loves the dolls, books, & movies)
Went into Saks and drooled a little over everything
I would never spend that kind
of money on Baubles, Bangles, and Beads lol ...
for those prices I want to bring home a wonderful
old primitive cupboard. A very sharply dressed
man spritzed us with a new scent that started at $62.00 a bottle,
it was Giorgio Armani's "Idole"
( I called Saks today to get the correct
name..cause I cant get the smell out of my head it was just heavenly)
we sniffed our arms that whole day
mm-mm we smelled good.
We proceeded to go in and out many stores...marveling at
the wonderful clothes, shoes bags, and
beauty products that can be found on Fifth Ave.
Our next stop was Trump Towers...really we just wanted out of the rain
for awhile, we had a relaxing glass of wine, and laughed over the
fact that Paul McCartney was in town for a concert
the last time we saw the Beatles our tickets cost maybe $7.00
now front row
tickets to see Sir Paul were going for $5,000 a pop.
We were on to our next destination...which was supper. It was a surprise
to me where we were headed...not that I know one place from the next,
but Josie kept the name a secret knowing I would probably google it
and find out the scoop. The name of the restaurant is
"Ellen's Star Dust Diner" the main attraction here is the whole
staff .... all the waiters and waitress in
"Just as good as Pros" on Broadway.
We walked in at the right time, cause they were filled up in no
time with a line out the door waiting for a seat.
These kids all have hopes of making it in the industry
and they were loaded with talent, they each took a turn
at the mike as they made
their way around the restaurant....I didn't want to leave....
I was enjoying it so much.
But on to the theater we went....Jersey Boys was the show
we were going to see
(the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons)
and what a show it was, for
almost three hours we took a trip down memory lane..with feel good,
dance in your seat music.
The actor (Jarrod Spector) who played lead singer Frankie Valli
had as good of a voice .... if not better than
Frankie had in his Hey Day. If you get a chance to see
the show don't pass it up. It was now 10:00 when the show got
out and we were pretty much pooped so we hailed a cab and
took a short ride to the bus stop to drop
off Jo and then to GC for me.
All in all it was a Wonderful day, mostly cause I got to spend it
with my Bestest Cousin & because
it was filled with laughter & music just as all the other days we have
spent together growing up and older.
Thanks for a Great Day Cus...Love Ya ~~
Since neither one of us are tourist we neglected to bring a camera,
here is a photo of us from way back when
Hope there is someone Special from your Way Back When
Sending Happy Hugs from the Cabin xox

Josie is the one on the left with the sweet smile,
I'm the one on the right.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Its O-V-E-R..over !!!

It has been Beautiful weather here in the North East...not
quite hot summer weather but sunny and breezy during
the day, with wonderful cool nights, great for sleeping.
Actually perfect for me...not sure how long it will last,
but I'm very grateful for what we have had this past week.
Its over ... Its over .... its O-V-E-R over !!!
It taken a little over a month
(due to the previous rainy weather we had )
and 28 gallons of stain....but we are finally finished
with the cabin. YIPPEE !!!
We did the very last board on Saturday....and celebrated
by the pool for the rest of the week-end.
I love the way the house looks very uniform in
color and coverage...that was something we were
both looking for. We have fingers crossed that it lasts a
good ten years, and that next time
around we can hire it out. lol
I have only the trim color to pick out for the front, back, and
pass door by the garage...I have a color in my head,
its like an old blue green....very old and weathered looking
(Anita like the color we saw on the trim at
Jan Hoffman's a few years ago)
any suggestions would be appreciated ~~ lol .
Of course I don't think I will find that
color in a can....but will go on the hunt soon.
Now I have some weeding and transplanting to do,
it should have been done way before this .... but I waited
till the house was done so as not to trample on any of the
new flowers.
Hope everyone is Healthy, Happy & Enjoying
some Summer Time Fun.
Sending Good Thoughts & Sunny Hugs from the Cabin
Connie xox
~~ Summer Feet by the Pool ~~
Happy 5th Birthday to my Sweetie Girl
Miss Madison Ann
July 15th

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July !!!
Family ~~ Friends
Picnics ~~ Parades ~~ Fireworks
Celebrate our Freedom & Give Thanks
to those who continue to protect our Rights.
Life ~~ Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness
Wishing Everyone a Safe & Happy Independence Day !!!
God Bless America !!!

Sending Red White & Blue Hugs
from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox