Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding ~~

In honor of the big wedding  tomorrow,
lets find our Royal Wedding Guest Name.
Start with either Lord or Lady.
Your first name is one of your grandparents' names.
Your surname is the name of your first pet,
double-barreled with the name of the street you grew up on. 
I would be either ....
Lady Sophia Nellie Soutwell 
Lady Rosario Tweety the Fourth
they both sound pretty Regal to me .    LOL 
I know I won't be getting up at 4:00am
to watch the Royal Nuptials
(I will catch up during the day or later in the evening)
but I wish William & Kate
a Beautiful Day
All God's Blessings on their Marriage.
Prayers & Good Thoughts for everyone
affected by the weather we have been having.   
Hope all of my Friends & their Love Ones
 in Blog Land are safe.
Sending Blessings & Hugs from the Cabin ~  Connie xox


Cabin Fever Primitives said...

I have my DVR set to record the big event. I was a loyal Diana follower and am so glad William has become a strong sensitive young man. She would have been so proud. I think Kate will be a lovely addition to the family and the world... she will be an inspiration.

My Royal name is:
Lady Katherine Patdog Peterson LOL

adsgram said...

I will be Lady Flora Bud-Elm...

Now that is Royalty if I NEVER heard it...he-he!

ctlogcabin said...

I was up to see the whole thing, not by choice I was sick ... but I so enjoyed it. Beautiful & Romantic ... a True Fairy Tale Wedding!
So glad the sun shone .... Loved watching all the beautiful clothes & the hats !! May Harry be next and not keep us waiting too long. lol
Ladies love both of your Royal names, Pinky's Up. xox

Penny said...

Loved the pagentry of the royal wedding! The bride and groom seem like such a lovely couple....
Lady Evelyn Candy-Hickory does not have a very royal sound to it, do you think?!!

ctlogcabin said...

LOL Penny love the name ... really not sure any of our names sound Royal but they crack me up. Thanks for playing !! xox

The Cinnamon Stick said...

(gotta catch up - call when you can) !!

An Historical Lady said...

Hi Connie,
I guess I cannot view your other blog...

I watched the WHOLE day, as it unfolded, and loved every minute of it. When Adam got home, we watched it together. It was amazing, elegant but not over the top, and emotional. I especially loved the music during the ceremony...

We just had our 4th wedding anniversary '18thc. picnic' last Sat., and I have a whole gallery of photos of us in our 18thc. finery, enjoying the day! I hope you will visit my blog, if you haven't recently.