Saturday, October 2, 2010

HaPpy October ~~

The Rain has stopped
the Sun is out and
a Chill is in the Air. 
 Yes Yes Fall has arrived ...  woot hoot !!
Happy October !!
Sorry My Dear Cousin Jo  ...  
you missed it by a mere Week ~~ :-(

I was the Lucky Winner on
Jenn's ~~  Rabbit Hill Primitives ....
Blog Give~A~Way
I'm so Excited I await my package in the mail. 
I Never, Ever Win anything. I always say I'm
Lucky & Blessed in Love, not so much in Chance. :-) 
I have a few of Jenn's Beautiful Creations ...
so I'm anxious to receive a bit of
Fall ...... made with Love by her Hand.
Thank You Dear Friend ~~

We are busy this week-end, packing away the out door
furniture ... we will leave the back deck set up for awhile longer,
 because I love afternoon tea in the sun. 
Plus on of our last trip to PA we found a
clay  chiminea,  and evenings sitting with
a glass of wine and a fire burning outdoors 
is a slice of Heaven.
The pool will be put to rest for another year
(we're a little late with this chore)
as it has already started filling up with leaves.
I finished  cleaning all my windows inside and out,
big job ...... glad that's done.
I can now place my window lights in ... love the look.
I'm not able to keep them in all year as my friends in PA do. 
I have no real window stills so I have to rig them up.  
The windows  wont open when there in ..... so I place them
in now & turn them on through the end of January. 

We are still pretty green here in CT but I know it wont be
long before we are a blaze with color.  Ti's the Season of
PumPkins, Hay Rides, Warm Fires, Hearty Meals,
and Icouldn't be Happier.
I hope where ever you are .... you are
Healthy, Happy, Cozy
Enjoying the Season with those you Love.
Sending Fall Blessings
Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox
“I would rather sit on a PumPkin,
and have it all to myself,
than be crowded on a velvet cushion”
~~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~


Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

It's funny you should say that, I ALWAYS say that "Lucky in love..." I think I'd rather it be that way don't you???

I just sent you an email and look at that you have a post! You have been very busy. I love your new chiminea....I'll be over with a bottle of vino!

Thank you for all your kind sweet words. I hope you like your winnings. I was actually thinking about taking one of those JOL heads and making him into a scarecrow for the porch but I don't know??? Sometimes I need help :) (LOTS OF IT!)

Have a lovely day Connie and I'm sure we will be chatting again in blogland soon!

Sending love and hugs,

p.s. I did find my frosty green pumpkins! All is well in the world now lol!


HAPPY OCTOBER CONNIE!! I love when you post...makes me feel that you aren't so far away!! BRRRR..cold here this morn - went to the flea market and needed my winter coat!! (did find some goodies though)! Busy getting ready for Friday's Witch's Nite Out - wish you could would make a fine goode witch!!! Talk to you soon...XO, Judy
ps. Congrats on winning a present from Jenn....whatever she makes is absolutely wonderful...see you are lucky in chance!!

Thistlebrooms said...

Great Post Connie...
Know how you feel, BUT NOW it has started to Rain again...
I've also started to clear the effects of Summer from the garden. Seems I just adorned it only a short while ago. (Talk about things creeping up on you with age!!!)

So Happy to hear you WON Jenn's Give-Away. Couldn't happen to a Sweeter Lady!!!.

I think I too will invite myself over to sit in front of your New chiminea with a glass of Jenn's Wine! We'd have ourselves All quite a time... Dream...

Have a wonderful week my friend and enjoy the New Crispness in the Air...


ctlogcabin said...

M ~~ We live in the same State we should make a plan to meet For Sure. Half way someplace or right here at the Cabin,I would love it. And one day I hope Jenn will make her way here to CT for a visit.
Hugs ~~ Connie xox

Patty Sumner said...

Beautiful pics! Love your blog.

~*Marie*~ said...

Connie, we just closed our pool a couple weekend ago, too. It was a little late for us too, but it was a big job checked off the "to do" list. I have a Chimenea and I love it. It makes the patio stay open that much longer here on the shoreline of CT. Otherwise it would be closed off so much earlier. It has been a bust lately tho, with all this rain!!! I cannot wait for the glory of the colors, tho. I am planning a trip to the cider mill this week. That is a smell that just screams fall!! Have a great day!

Aprons Gone Wild said...

Hi the chiminea. Nothing quite like sitting in front of a fire. I've scheduled my window lights for the end of the month after the time changes. I like to have them in for Halloween so the house doesn't look as dark from the road. Like you, I have to wash all the windows first!
Even though I love the fall, I'm sad to see the summer end and the days grow shorter. It's a good thing we love our homes because it's going to be indoor living soon for many months.
Take care and enjoy!

Papaw's Girl said...

You have a great gray pumpkin too!!! I found mine last week and have not seen another like it until now. Enjoyed reading your posts.