Monday, May 18, 2009

On The Road Again

We are truly blessed to live in a most beautiful area of the
country, and we mostly love being home here at the cabin.
Our getaways consist of short restful trips
to some wonderful neighboring states,
PA ~ NY ~ MA ~ VT ~ & NH.
I'm just not crazy about staying in hotels or motels.
So we decided to purchase a travel trailer and we love it.
When we hit the road now we travel with all our own stuff,
and it works great for us. I bring all of hubby's favorite
foods and beverages and I have all the comforts of home.

This is our third year "camping" and we are loving it,
we are planning trip number two as we speak.


We laugh and say we really have the best camp site right
here at home. Beautiful scenery, quiet, and private
(the campgrounds tend to herd you in)
but because hubby is in his own business the only way
for him to relax, make him sit still, and chill out
is to get him away from home.
When we are away its just the two of us....talking,
laughing, eating, drinking, playing cards, sitting in front
of a roaring campfire, enjoying each others company.
No chores calling to be done, no phone calls about work,
just peace and tranquility.
The granddaughters also love it for play dates, & sleepovers
in the its a big hit all the way around.
One of the best things we have done for ourselves.
The season here in the North East is short....April ~ Oct.
so we try and get at least one trip a month in...sometimes
obligations at home make that impossible, but we do try.
I have my fingers, eyes, and toes crossed for the
third year...I would love to take a trip to Ohio
this November for the Simple Goods Show.
Hubby thinks that's a little too far for
a shopping trip, lol... so we will see.
(A few trees we brought back from my niece Debbie's
property in VT) They traveled home safely in the shower.
They are now planted in our back yard.

I hope When Ever & Where Ever you can, you get some
fun quality time with those you Love .
Sending Good Thoughts & Hugs from the Cabin
Connie xox


Janet - underthewillow said...

WOW Connie!....your trailer looks SUPER NICE! looks really big too! long is it?....Don and I often talk about wanting to make it a goal to buy an RV or something but then you have to tow a car to get around in....but with a trailer I guess you can just unhook it and drive to where you need, is that what you guys do? Janet

Janet - underthewillow said...

Oh and I forgot to ask....what does your hubby do while you're shopping?....or does he shop with you?....that's another thing Don and I have discussed because he is not a shopper! lOL Janet

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Janet, yes we unhook at the campsite and then drive around in the truck. The camper is 32 feet long so its good and roomy for just
the two of us. As far as shopping Paul will do some with me, when hes had enough ... he will sit in the truck and read or take a little nap. ~~ xox

Karen said...

How beautiful...I must say this is one of my husbands dreams so i won't show him this post (sometimes I do show him things that might spark something in but not this one...he'll drool and start dreaming again.
Glad you get to enjoy your little travels!

wrcdgc said...

Now that's the way to travel. It's beautiful!


Janet - underthewillow said...

That is just plain awesome Connie!....I wouldn't want to stay anywhere else either! Janet

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I want a trailor - grew up traveling that way. DH - not so much so I will live viarioulsy through you!! ENJOY!

hugs, Linda

Shellmo said...

What a nice life you have! :-) Traveling in a nice trailor and having that flexibility and being able to take your things w/ you sounds nice! I told the hubby I would like to be able to have a small RV in the future.

Martha said...

Oh, how great, such fun!
When we were in VT a few weeks ago we say several old silver trailers, my son said they look like old toasters! We both said we wanted to own one, he said he would live in it and travel all over! Enjoy your primitive travel home and all that you will get to see and do!

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Connie!! Just stopping by all my favorite blogs this morning...its been a while. We had a busy weekend ~ it was a good show. It's nice to catch up on some housework and finally gardening. We've had great weather with lots of sun.

What a lovely trailer you have. Decorated so nicely (I'm not surprised) you make us all want to go buy one! I hope you can talk Paul into Simple Goods, my mom and I will be there this year with our friends from 1824 Antiques. That would be wonderful.

Hope your having a beautiful morning! Have a great day.

Love and hugs ~ Jenn

Ginny said...

Great pictures, love your decorating.

Doreen said... were in VT!!!! I love your looks so cozy!

Happy summer!


Now Miss Connie....I have a grand LEARN how to drive that truck pulling that trailer and I will go with you as your "navigator"...heck with the trailer and the truck we would have lots of room to bring back tons of goodies!! XOXO, Judy

primlin56 said...

i love how you primp up your home away from reminds me of our new one....we have just started learning the ropes of pulling one so big...the wind really moves these things around...ours is 32 foot instead of moving it around we decided to leave it up north on our lot at a private lake...but i envy your travels....i think my hubby needs to buy a bigger truck....i love how you did the picnic table too...very have gave me some ideas...thanks...your prim rv'ing friend linda

Farmhouse Primitives said...

I have never camped in my life.....but I just fell in love seeing yours decorated like home. hhhmmmmm Now I'm thinking about camping. Always enjoy visiting your blog. Take care!! Pammie

Gathering Hope said...

I'm so out of touch here. Got to do some reading and catching up. Your home away from home is lovely-
Do you ever make your way to Tennessee?