Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Letter ~

I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
And make believe it came from you
I'm gonna write words oh so sweet
They're gonna knock me off my feet
A lotta kisses on the bottom
I'll be glad I got 'em
I'm gonna smile and sayI hope you're feeling better
I'll close with love the way you always do
I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
And make believe it came from you........
Lyrics by Billy Williams

Yesterday I received a letter from a friend who normally keeps in touch or email. It was a pleasant surprise, fun to find something in the mail addressed to me from far away. She wrote on sweet stationary, and in pretty script telling me whats being going on with her and her family. She also told me I am always in her thoughts and prayers, and how much she misses me, totally made my day.
I know my granddaughters love to receive letters and cards in the mail....they keep all that I send them in their treasure boxes. That's where this letter from my friend is my treasure box. As much as I like to email and talk on the phone a letter seems more special. I'm going to make a point of writing real letters and cards more often.
Maybe there is someone who would love to hear from you.
Sending Sweet Thoughts & Warm Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Connie!....what an absolutely DELIGHTFUL post!....just the other day, I too received a note in the mail from an old friend from CA, it was special and made my day too!....I turned right around and sent her one right back! your pictures too! Janet :)

Shellmo said...

Handwritten letters are more personal - how nice of your friend! I was just looking at taking some of my nature photos that I've shot and making them into note cards to send to friends.

Martha said...

Hi! I have ALL the letters my mother and mother-in-law wrote to me after we moved away from NJ to Upstate NY and then Michigan! I keep them in a special box and read them from time to time. Some make me laugh, others cry. . .some make me remember, they will never bring my mother or mother-in-law back to me, but they give me comfort, I want to pass them on to my daughter and hopefully one day she will pass them on to her child. I also have letters from my sister and friends, they are getting fragile now!

Letters are wonderful, the internet is great so that quick response and so it the phone, but a letter you can read over and over again.

Love your post and blog!

Aprons Gone Wild said...

Oh Connie...what a nice post. You're right about hand written letters. I think that's why I like email so's the next best thing. My handwriting has gotten so bad over the years that I fear no one can read my letters anymore!
The new pictures on this post are lovely. I can envision your beautiful home.
Take care,

Linda said...

Isn't that so true! For many years I sent several cards and notes each month to patients on Chemo and so often the adult patients mentioned how nice it was to recieve something by post for a change. It is a lost art!!

I guess we are in for record lows this week - stay warm!! hugs, Linda

Martha said...

Hi again, thanks for the hug!
You have two adorable little granddaughters, you could write them letters even if they live close by. I am always writing and mailing little things to my grandchildren, the little 3 year old squeals when he gets a letter in the mail, well, for him a cute card and a note, sometimes with a dollar, my DIL's tell me they love to get letters and my daugther has started the tradition also to send them little cards now and again, just an I love you and think of you along with a little note. These are things I cherish! I have a tiny piece of a label from Crisco where it was a receipe for pie crust, my mom had written a little note on it for me, she tried to explain to me how she made her pie crust and then tore the label, circled the receipe and wrote- "Happy Pie Making-Love Mom", I will look at that so often! I should take a photo of it. . .I have it framed!

Thanks again, Martha

Gayle said...

I've been emailing my mom (who lives in another state) for a couple years now, but on my last visit she mentioned how much she misses getting 'real' mail. Ever since then I've been trying to send her a letter weekly. That way she can read it over and over - and she's lovin' it! I don't do it for anyone else though!

Thistlebrooms said...

Funny, when people get Busy with their daily lives, it seems the most important pleasures get put aside...
I remember the 'Art of Letter Writting' was SO important in our school (does that date me much???)...
I also remember my Dad's handwritting, he had the Most Beautiful Script (of course he would have been over 100 years old now)...I treasure all the post cards he sent me as a child when he would have to go away for any length of time...Such a personal Signature for a Loving daughter...
Thank you for having me recall such affectionate memories...

Doreen said...

You are so very right...letters are a lost art it seems. I always enjoy receiving cards and letters in the mail. I try when I can to write an actual letter but I must isn't as often as it should be or as I would like it to be.

Gorgeous boxes!

Have a wonderful day,

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Connie!! I've been back to your blog three times today! I keep getting interrupted before I can leave a message :) I love to get letters and cards by mail also. They are so much more special and personal. Those things you treasure forever. Unfortunately I don't write as many letters as I would like. It seems email has taken over. Not that I'm complaining, I've met so many special people though the computer also! I love looking at all your pictures. You have so many pretty things. Your covered boxes are just beautiful. I just made a few covered boxes similar for my update but I like yours better. I've been hoping to get my update done this week but Lydia was sick and had an ear infection and I also had a little accident (not a big deal).

Brrrrrrr it sure is cold here ~ has it made it your way yet? The kids had a 2 hour delay today and may not have school tomorrow. Lydia's been watching the news and waiting. Thanks for writing to me and no there is no ricotta but sometimes I do add it. Maybe its a regional thing. They are Abruzzi from Acquaviva D'Isernia. It's very beautiful (aren't they all?) with the town being built right into the mountain. I forgot how pretty your name was....does anyone use your real name? Boy can I go on....I should have sent you an email instead of posting so long! I'll finish up now. I hope your doing well. Sending big warm hugs your way! xoxoxoxo Jenn


Dating yourself my friend with that little diddy of a song!! My grandparents had a Country Inn and Tavern...with a Jukebox...I can remember that song playing when I was young. You KNOW it will be in my head the rest of the night...dear me!!! I am quite horrid in letter writing...but I love to receive letters, cards and notes. I have a dear far away friend who ALWAYS sends cards, notes and the likes and one of my New Year Resolutions was to be a better friend and do the same. I also save all my cards and letters BUT they are in my desk drawer..really two drawers full..shoved all over order..what a mess I am. I NEED a treasure box !!! XOXO Judy

ctlogcabin said...

Miss Judy ~~ That pretty Treasure
Box on the bottom was purchased at
the one and only ~~ "Cinnamon Stick" !! I can walk around the cabin an point to many treasures I have happily left the store with. Right now Im in dire
"need" of wool hearts. :)
Waaaa I need a PA Fix !!!
Hugs ~ Connie xox

City Mouse said...

Well, what a gorgeous, homey blog I have stumbled upon here. I had just been thinking about the loss of handwritten letters nowadays, so I promptly went out and got a calligraphy kit, sealing wax, and a brass seasl. Anyhow. I'm babbling. I added myself to your follow list so I can keep up, and I'm headed back to add you to my blog roll so my other country friends can discover your blog as well.

Gathering Hope said...

Your thoughts always bring a smile, and a sweet memory of my dear two are much alike Connie. Thank you for such a lovely visit here each time you post!

Karen said...

Hi Connie,
Seems that letters are only written and sent in Christmas cards anymore.
I love that some people are sending out real mail.