Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Change Your Seat"

"Change Your Seat" ~~ Gary Trabucco  ~~
The American Heritage Shop

This is the Season where we spend lots of time in our homes.
We here in the North East have been dealing with
extreme cold, record snow and some ice. 
This has limited my outings .. even some  
ventures to walk out in the yard or into the woods.

In some cases it can bring forth
the  "Dreaded Cabin Fever" earlier than usual.  
I'm not experiencing cabin fever yet.  
I love being home, its warm, its cozy I have a supply
 of good books and projects and I can always find  
some thing to putter with.
It's also a great time of year to catch up with
friends & family by phone, letter or computer.
My problem is that I center on the few things I'm
not thrilled about in the cabin ..... these are things  
I cant change ... due to hubby's needs & likes or
they are structural, or cost prohibited. 
Either way they are here to stay.

I find when I'm home this much, I start to obsess about
 these things and I'm not a happy camper.   
A wise man once said ......
" Change your Seat"

I remember it like it was yesterday .... I remember laughing
like what the heck will that do ..... but over the years as
simple as it sounds I find it works. 
If you sit in the same seat each day as most of
us do ... you have the same view.
I have my spot in each and every room in the cabin. 
I also have my spot in each 
and every friend & relatives home. 
Come on .....  you probably all do ....   Right  ??  
It cant just be me ........... Could it ??     :-) 

Well anyways when you change your seat .... you get a whole
different view and perspective of your room.  
 And sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by what you see. 
At any rate it  stops you from staring at the
thing or things  that are bugging you.
In most of my room, the furniture really cant be moved
but I can  choose to sit somewhere different, and I do.

Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds,
can change the outer aspects of their lives.
~~ William James (1842-1910)
So till I can make a few road trips .... get back out to
the shop .... or the weather
permits me to sit on the porch, or deck or check
out the yard ..... my plan is the keep changing my seat.
Thanks Gary ..... for this and other sage 
pieces of advice  you given me over the years.
These  photos are some of  my different views ~~
I hope where ever you Sit .... you love your View.
Sending Blessings & Hugs from the Cabin ~ Connie xox
*** It's Snowing Again ***

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow ~ Snow ~ Snow

Afternoon All ~~ Came to change my Blog
over from Christmas to Hearts ......
Found out I don't have as many Hearts
as I thought I did. 
As we speak we are Waxing up the Snow Boards,
Skies, Sleds, and the Shovels here in CT. 
We have  another foot of snow coming our way. 
Sorry Miss Judy !!

I say woo hoo but that's cause I get to stay in
and watch the snow fall from the comforts of the cabin.
Love when the trees are heavy with snow and the
ground is covered in white.  I'll place another log in
the wood stove, a few in the hearth .... light the
candles, and if its the proper time of day,
pour a glass of wine.
Life is good .........................
The snow (plowing & sanding) also allows us
to pay our mortgage & eat during the winter
so hip hip hooray !!
Hope you are all safe & cozy and enjoying as
best you can what God & Mother Nature
deems to send our way.
Sending Blessing & Warm Hugs ~~ Connie xox