Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Time ~~

There is time for everything.
~~ Thomas A. Edison

Good Afternoon ~~
Hope everyone is well, & happy.
It is amazingly beautiful here at
the Cabin, the snow is falling in
big fat flakes...almost the size of
goose feathers.
Everything looks clean, white, and fresh
I'm tucked in with a cup of tea,
some magazines,
and fresh baked cookies.
I know most of us are all longing
for Spring, but ~~
"It Is what It Is"... right now.
Our turn will come soon.
We are almost at the end of February so
we cant possibly have too much
longer to wait.
Can we ???
We have lots of birthdays in February,
we just celebrated two of my great nephews
Mike 15 & Nick 17, amazing kids !!
Paul will celebrate Thursday the 25th,
and my sister is a leap year baby.
There is no 29th this year so she
will receive her cards, gifts and calls on the 28th.
We are Blessed to have a large family so there are plenty
of get together's to celebrate .... which is always
fun, and helps make the month pass even faster.
Wishing you my Friends,
Happy Contented Days
filled with your Hearts Desire
as we patiently wait for Spring ~~
Sending Warm Thoughts, & Hugs
from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day ~~

If there ever comes the Day,
When we can not be Together,
Keep me in your Heart,
I'll stay there Forever. ~~
~~ " Winne the Pooh" ~~

Good Afternoon ~~
By the warmth of the wood stove I'm
filling small gift bags with Valentine Treats
for the GrandGirls.
Some stationary, home made candies,
stickers, tiny composition books, heart cookies, and tiny
little sewing books, that I purchased for each of them at
aunt daisy's last time I was in PA.
A few weeks prior the girls and I had a sewing circle,
we mended some of Pop's work shirts.
I showed them how to thread
a needle, knot the thread, and sew on a button,
we had such fun. I thought their own sewing book
would be something they would enjoy.
We received an evite for tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day
they are calling it 2nd Annual !!
Both sets of Grand Parents will head to their
house this afternoon,
and stay for dinner, dessert and wii bowling.
We don't know how long they will want to celebrate
this Sweet Holiday with us...but we will take
it for as long as we can.
Bless My Daughter In-Law & Son for
always including us.
Not that I think the Girls give them a choice. lol
Hope where ever you are, and what ever you do,
You are surrounded by those you Love ~~
Happy Valentine's Day !!
Sending Warm ♥ Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Ground Hog Day ~~

Happy Ground Hog Day
Conflicting News ~~ With Opposing Views ~~
Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of Winter,
Staten Island Chuck predicts Early Spring.
We here in Connecticut have no forecaster
of our own *** so we rely on the
Neighboring States who have experts to
predict when Spring will arrive.
This year we can pick which ever
one makes us Happy. lol
Its all Good !!
Just heard from a friend ..... we have
Connecticut Chuckles ...WHAT,
never heard of him.
He also predicted six more weeks of Winter.
I'm dreaming Spring ..... but a few
more weeks of Winter is okay too.
Mary Matucha Ferrito
Happy Birthday Mama
We Think
The keeping of records as you go back
in time leaves us some what confused.
My Mother's birth certificate states
February 3rd 1914 ~ Born Yesterday.
So we have never been exactly sure
if she was born on the 2nd or the 3rd
of February .......
We always celebrated on the 2nd.
Her name also was a little confusing
Anna Marie or Mary Ann
she used Mary Ann.
Either way she was
a Wonderful, Daughter, Sister,
Wife, Mother, Nanny, Aunt & Friend
Who was Loved by All
Left to right the sisters
Sophie & Mary (mama)
& me
Hope you are all well, happy and warm.
Sending Spring Thoughts, & Warm Hugs
from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox