Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Saturday

Good Saturday Morning Friends,
Just Stopped by to Swap Howdies !!
Hope all is well in your little corner.
We are finally getting the snow I have been
hoping and praying for. 
I Love the way it looks, so Fresh & Clean.

It is also our source of income at this
time of the year,
so we are Very Happy Campers.
We are only expected to get five inches
and a warming trend tomorrow so I don't think it
will last long ..... we will take it and be Glad.

Not sure where I was or what I was doing in
1994 -1995  ................
Oh yeah I  was a wife, a Mother raising her boys,
keeper of  the Cabin and I was working part-time. lol
Anyway  I was unaware of the Christy series
enjoyed by many on TV. 
I went to the Library last week looking
for a few books to help pass the long January days.
I happened to walk by the movies,
and the cover photo caught my eye ....
the description on the back sold me.

This gentle and heartfelt drama was wholesome and
substantive television for families.
Based on the cherished book by Catherine Marshall detailing her
  mother's time in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains in 1912,
it is the story of a young and exuberant city girl who comes to teach
 in poverty-stricken Cutter Gap and the
manner in which it changed her life forever.

The complete series comes in a
four disk double sided DVD pack. 
It has provided us with hours of great period TV watching.
I never look at the movies at the Library,
(I will now)... so this to me was meant to be.  :-)
This snowy Saturday is a perfect day to
finish up our last disk .... although I really
hate to see it  end. 
If you are like me and missed this series ....  I
highly recommend it. It is also listed on netflix
but they are on individual disks so the library
is your best bet for the whole series. 
If any of you have suggestions for
other great movies or series I'd love to hear them.
Good Luck to my NY Giants tomorrow
we will be around the TV ... biting our
nails and cheering them on once again.
Wishing you all a Safe, Warm & Cozy Week-End 
Sending Blessing & Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox