Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HaPpy Summer ~~

Happy Summer Friends & Family ~~
No words of Wisdom ... lol or even any Big Doin's
here at the Cabin ...... just checking in to say
Hey & Hope all is Well.

Its such a Beautiful Time of Year ... Lush & Green,
we are just about cocooned here at the Cabin.
A wall of Green surrounds us and one
could almost think we are here alone
in the woods in the 1700's. 
Some days we only see each other
  God's creatures that wander
by looking for food & water.
We are just back from  five days in my other favorite part of
the country ..... a Wonderful visit to PA
smack dab in Amish Country. 
We stopped in to see my Favorite
Shop Owners who also happen to be my Friends.
Go there Guys you will Love them & their Stores.
aunt daisy's ..... Emmaus, PA
Cinnamon Stick .... Hereford, PA
Getting a little Flack from them  that
I hadn't posted in awhile. :-)
Hugs to Anita, & Judy.
I am very much enjoying Summer on my back deck,
ahh the lazy, hazy, days of Summer.
Sunshine,   Lollipops and Rainbows ....
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
and an occasional
Gin & Tonic out in the fresh air.
I have my Grand Girls Monday & Tuesday
during  School Vacation so  there will be lots
of laughs & fun times.
Also have my Great Nephew on Tuesday's
he's 14 mths old and a bundle of Pure Boy ....
such Fun, and the girls
dote on their cousin ... "The Little Prince" !!
I am Blessed to spend Time  & make Memories
with these liitle ones.
EnJoy this Season  .... As  it,  Like so many
Good Things pass so Swiftly

As always I hope where ever you are ....
you & yours are
Well, Happy & Healthy.
Sending You Blessings & Hugs from the Cabin ~~ Connie xox